Where your money goes

Your money goes towards funding our life-changing services such as Live at Home, Music Therapy and Chaplaincy. It makes a huge difference to people like Agostina.


Agostina - or Tina to her friends - came to the UK from Italy in 1946 with her husband who was serving as a soldier at the time.


The couple settled in the UK and started a family. Since then, Tina’s husband has sadly passed away and her children have moved. Having lived in the same area since the 1950s and with no relatives nearby, Tina began feeling increasingly lonely. One day, she walked past her local Live at Home offices and enquired about coming along to one of the lunch clubs.



“People didn’t tell me about Live at Home because they didn’t think I would want to be with other old people, but we have so much in common! Everyone is fantastic, we share everything together - the good and the bad,”  Tina says.


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